InfoSWMM Additional Options

Tailor InfoSWMM to your requirements with Modules, Suite Extensions, or the standalone version


InfoSWMM Options Put You In Control

InfoSWMM's additional options help you operate your stormwater, sanitary sewer, and combined sewer networks even more effectively and efficiently.

If you need help choosing, just get in touch. Scroll down for brief descriptions of the Suite and Executive Suite package options.

InfoSWMM Suite package:

  • Calibrator: Automate model calibration
  • DWF Allocator (Dry Weather Flow): Apportion dry weather flow from GIS elements
  • Designer: Optimize system design and costs
  • Conduit Storage Synthesizer: Capture system storage for simpler forcemain models
  • Subcatchment Manager: Automate runoff models directly from terrain
  • Risk Assessment Manager: Compute flood risk and damage

InfoSWMM Executive Suite package:

  • Pond Design Manager: Extract and design storage systems
  • RDII Analyst (Rainfall-Derived Inflow and Infiltration): Decompose measure flow into model RTK inputs (R, T, K parameters for RDII prediction)
  • NetVIEW

InfoSWMM Suite Package:

Fast Model Calibration with Calibrator plus minus

InfoSWMM Calibrator enables modelers to calibrate very large and complex urban rainfall-runoff models automatically, leading to better results. Calibrator enables users to consider a combination of flow, depth, and/or velocity measurements while integrating and exchanging data with existing network models and spatial data. Calibrator allows control over groups of parameters in each of the subcatchment, soil, aquifers, RDII and Conduit elements. Gain confidence in model results by quickly and confidently calibrating your wastewater models.

The InfoSWMM Suite package includes Calibrator.

InfoSWMM Calibrator screen grab

DWF Allocator (Dry Weather Flow) plus minus

DWF Allocator enables stormwater and wastewater engineers to automate the process of allocating sanitary loadings from spatial data.

It enables modelers to compute and assign wastewater loads; and consider existing system conditions, or future developments across various planning horizons – making this tool an indispensable aid in staging capital improvement programs.

Save hours to weeks of tedious manipulation time establishing model background data.

The InfoSWMM Suite package includes DWF Allocator.

Designer plus minus

Designer helps engineers optimize, to identify the best possible design and improvement alternatives with minimum effort and maximum cost savings. Designer capabilities greatly assist wastewater utilities in planning and designing reliable systems and optimizing their capital improvement programs. 

Designer considers the best combination of sewer size and slope, pump capacity, and storage volume that produce the minimum cost, while satisfying user-specified system hydraulic performance criteria such as depth to diameter ratio, maximum velocity, minimum velocity, and maximum head loss.

The InfoSWMM Suite package includes Designer.

Conduit Storage Synthesizer plus minus

The Conduit Storage Synthesizer determines storage capacity in a conduit network based on a dynamic analysis of the system volume under changing heads. The CSS helps modelers who have large and complex pumping systems together with gravity systems to prune models to consider system storage while optimizing pump systems. 

The CSS in InfoSWMM dynamically computes and returns the gravity-system conduit volume upstream from the wet-well, resulting in effortless model decoupling. CSS uses the wet-well depth as a boundary condition and determines actual volume of water stored in the gravity conduits at the corresponding wet-well depth.

The InfoSWMM Suite package includes Conduit Storage Synthesizer.

Subcatchment Manager plus minus

Subcatchment Manager automates model hydrologic parameterization from digital topology data (DEMs, contours, TINs or Point clouds) by defining subcatchments and computing their hydrologic parameters. Subcatchment Manager includes subcatchment boundary augmentation and easily connects subcatchments to the appropriate rain gages and outlets.

To use Subcatchment Manager, you need the InfoSWMM Suite and ESRI ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Extension.

Risk Assessment Manager plus minus

Risk Assessment Manager helps wastewater utilities reduce exposure to sewer infrastructure flooding risk vulnerability, and enhances their ability to prepare for, and respond to, natural disasters or other emergencies. InfoSWMM RAM accurately represents and models overland urban flooding. The resulting flood mapping represents flood depths and area of spread across the terrain model due to surcharging of the system.

The InfoSWMM Suite package includes the Risk Assessment Manager.

InfoSWMM Executive Suite package:

Pond Design Manager plus minus

Pond Design Manager (PDM) allows engineers to plan, analyze, design, and complete detention pond projects of any size and complexity quickly, correctly, and below budget.

PDM enables streamlined hydraulic design and analysis of ponds. It quickly sizes single and unlimited numbers of interconnected ponds, computes pond volumes, generates outlet rating curves with tailwater effects using accurate fully dynamic routing for single and multiple outlets, calculates pond detention times, analyzes any complex network of channels, and sizes any outlet structures including weirs, orifices, and risers.

InfoSWMM Executive Suite provides access to the Pond Design Manager.

Rainfall-Derived Inflow and Infiltration Analyst (RDII Analyst) plus minus

Rainfall-Derived Inflow and Infiltration Analyst performs rapid decomposition of flow monitoring data, resulting in the rapid automation and calibration of sewer models. As a key component of sewer system calibration, RDII Analyst separates the dry weather flow (DWF) from the wet weather flow, providing calibration of the components commonly known as the RTK parameters. By applying the RDII Analyst to the entire system, key cost-saving insights can be identified, saving time and money in a capital improvement program.

To use InfoSWMM RDII Analyst, you need InfoSWMM Executive Suite.

NetVIEW plus minus

NetVIEW (for InfoSWMM) allows users to export InfoSWMM models and annotations (e.g. pipe flow rate, velocity, depth). Any contour and/or annotation layer created in InfoSWMM can be exported for viewing on Google Earth™.