InfoWater Pro Apps, Suite, and InfoSurge

Use the features you need most, without leaving ArcGIS Pro

InfoWater Pro offers a broad set of apps built in; optional extras with InfoWater Pro Suite; and InfoSurge. They help you operate your water supply network effectively and efficiently for the best possible customer service.

If you've used InfoWater, the apps built into InfoWater Pro will be familiar but the basic offering is much more robust.

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InfoWater Pro Apps

These 12 are built into InfoWater Pro:

InfoWater Pro Suite

These three powerful apps come with InfoWater Pro Suite:

Demand Analyst

Demand Analyst

Analyze historic demands from each AMI/AMR meter and extracts patterns and demand values

Multi-species Analysis

Multi-species Analysis

Perform advanced water quality analysis assessing reactions between multiple chemical and biological contaminants

InfoSurge for InfoWater Pro

Surge protection devices are key component on the design of a water distribution system. InfoSurge uses transient analysis to predict how the network will react to pressure surges or reductions.​