Find the source of contamination with InfoWater Pro Back-tracing

Once you know your water distribution has been contaminated, how do you find the source of the problem? InfoWater Pro Back-tracing helps you plan for, and react to, contamination threats and incidents, and minimize the impact on consumers. It is an app in InfoWater Pro.

Unlike traditional hydraulic and water quality models, which do not track flow paths and are limited to only providing output information at all locations over time, Back-tracing runs in reverse time to compute input-output hydraulic and water quality characteristics for all flow paths between input sources and output nodes.

It calculates all flow paths leading to particular output network nodes at a particular time, along with their relative influence on water quality. Armed with this complete input-output information for all paths between sources and output nodes, users can effectively devise and implement response actions such as unidirectional flushing and operational changes to reduce the impact of a contamination event. There's a choice of graphical presentation tools so you can interpret the output easily, including stepping backward in time through an extended period simulation. You can instantly visualize water quality propagation, and comprehend the flow-path-dependent water quality processes from contaminated nodes as they are traced back to the originating sources.