Manage current and future demand with InfoWater Pro Demand Allocator

Demand Allocator for InfoWater Pro enables you to calculate, distribute, and manage demand in your network model. It automates junction node demand allocation. It is an app within InfoWater Pro.

Demand Allocator considers customer classes (residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, etc.) and both existing and future system conditions such as build-out and phased land use projections – a necessary feature for effectively staging your capital improvement program.

Demand Allocator supports ArcGIS Pro Definition Queries so you can load and use entire GIS data sets, such as all your meter records. You can run a simple Definition Query on all the records, saving all the time you'd have had to spend on manipulating model background data.

It offers six methods to computer load network models based on demand type, location, and variation:

  • Geocoded meter billing data (meter consumption database)
  • Polygon Processing – spatial intersection of multiple polygon layers
  • Polygon Processing – spatial summation of consumption category area polygons
  • Closest (Nearest) Junction Method
  • Closest (Nearest) Pipe Method
  • Large users as individual point loads
Demand Allocator screenshot