Optimize pipe system improvements with InfoWater Pro Designer

Designer for InfoWater Pro identifies the best combination of pipe system improvements to meet desired hydraulic and water quality performance criteria at minimum cost. It considers account rehabilitation (cleaning and lining), replacement, strengthening, and expansion options as well as the construction of new pumping and storage facilities. It is an app within InfoWater Pro. 

You can take into account the modeling condition time frame (e.g. maximum day), multiple design scenarios (e.g. find the single optimum solution that provides the standard of service under peak day for normal operation + average day under a failure scenario), multiple fire flow scenarios, and complete extended period simulation (EPS) designs (e.g. 24-hour operational design).

All aspects of the water distribution system can be considered within the optimization, including pipes, pumps, and storage tanks. Designer helps you produce the best possible design and improvement alternatives with a minimum effort and at significant cost-savings, for optimizing your Capital Improvement Program.