Model chemical reactions with InfoWater MSX (Multi-species Analysis)

InfoWater MSX (Multi-species Analysis) is an app with InfoWater Pro Suite that models reactions between multiple chemical and biological contaminants, and sediment deposition and re-suspension, in water distribution systems - both in the bulk flow and at the pipe wall. It uses water quality components rather than contaminants. It models:

  • Free chlorine loss
  • Nitrification dynamics
  • Disinfectant residuals and by-products
  • Pathogen inactivation
  • Chloramine decomposition
  • Adsorption on pipe walls
  • Biological re-growth including nitrification dynamics

Unlike some other programs, MSX tracks the transport and fate of multiple, interacting species. You can input any mathematical models of physical, chemical, and biological reactions in the bulk water and on pipe surfaces. You can also input parameters and formulas for process models.