View your modeling on Google Earth with NetVIEW for InfoWater Pro

NetVIEW for InfoWater Pro enables you to rapidly deploy and analyze GIS data and modeling results in Google Earth. Then you can query it interactively for faster, better informed decision-making. And because it's online, you can share it across your organization for more effective asset management and business planning. It's an app within InfoWater Pro.

With NetVIEW for InfoWater Pro, users can display their water distribution network models, and analyze, share, and view detailed hydraulic (e.g. flow and pressure) and water quality (e.g. chlorine and water age) modeling results from any number of modeling scenarios directly in Google Earth. Armed with detailed information on trends or problem areas, they can collaborate in improving system efficiency and performance and protecting public health. These enhanced capabilities create significant advantages for the enterprise, including greater operational efficiency and emergency preparedness, better planning and more informed decision making, increased infrastructure protection and reliability, improved public notification, and stronger customer ties.

NetVIEW allows users to export contours (e.g. fire flow, pressure, water age, chlorine concentration, elevation) and annotations (e.g. pipe flow rate, velocity, headloss, node pressure, water age). Any contour and/or annotation layer created in InfoWater Pro can be exported for viewing on Google Earth.