Prepare for and handle emergencies with InfoWater Pro Protector

Protector for InfoWater Pro prepares you for disasters and emergencies. It identifies viable solutions before an incident or disaster occurs, and helps you respond. It's for municipal and other water utilities, city and county public works departments, and federal, state, national, and local emergency response and regulatory agencies. It is an app within InfoWater Pro.

Protector models the concentration and propagation of contaminants. It enables you to:

  • Locate areas of your systems affected by contamination
  • Calculate populations at risk and notify them
  • Identify which valves to close to isolate a contamination event
  • Track contaminants to the originating supply source(s)
  • Compute required purging water volume
  • Develop efficient flushing strategies
  • Determine the resulting impact on fire-fighting capabilities
  • Prepare data for eventual prosecution