Tuning pump and valve efficiency with InfoWater Pro Scheduler

How much money and energy could you save if you could fine-tune every aspect of your pump and valve operations for maximum efficiency? Scheduler for InfoWater Pro puts that power in your hands - in one easy-to-use, comprehensive and unique array of sophisticated energy management capabilities. Together, these capabilities enable you to pinpoint the most energy-efficient and cost-effective pump scheduling and valve operational policies, for improved water quality, more reliable and safer system performance, and cost savings.

It is an app within InfoWater Pro.

Scheduler is designed to assist water distribution system operators, and help train new operators, in selecting cost-effective pumping and valve policies.

Using genetic algorithms (enhanced with advanced Elitist and Global Search Control strategies), InfoWater Pro Scheduler quickly identifies the optimal operational policy that will best meet your target system hydraulic and water quality performance criteria. The operating policy/schedule for a pump, valve and pipe (eg interzone water transfer or water purchase from an outside agency) represents a set of time-dependent control rules that indicate when a particular pump, valve and pipe or group of pumps, valves and pipes should be turned on or off over a specified period of time, usually 24 hours. The system operational criteria prescribe lower and upper limits on system pressures, tank and water quality (water age) levels, maximum pipe velocities, maximum pump (and valve) flows or volumes, alternative supply sources, and other system constraints aimed at ensuring safe, reliable operations. Both energy consumption (cost per kWh) and demand charges (cost per max kW) are considered.

Scheduler even lets you improve operational performance further with strategies like matching your desired tank trajectory curves (filling and draining cycles), evaluating various rate schedules, and optimizing water quality conditions and storage/pumping tradeoffs.