Automate dataset segmentation with Skeletonizer in InfoWater Pro

Skeletonizer automates GIS and CAD dataset segmentation (data scrubbing, reduction, skeletonization and trimming), and automatically re-allocates node demands to construct credible hydraulic network models, ensuring network model integrity and its hydraulic equivalency – all within the powerful ArcGIS Pro environment. It is an app in InfoWater Pro.

Skeletonizer can do sophisticated graphical and database segmentation of large GIS and CAD models. It adjusts nodal demands to construct reliable hydraulic network models.

It reduces excessive pipe segmentation (series pipes) by dissolving interior nodes based on any user-specified physical facility attributes (e.g. diameter, material and age) and consolidating parallel pipes into a single hydraulically equivalent pipe, and removes (trims) short pipe segments including dead ends, service connections and hydrant leads. Junction node demands are automatically re-allocated based on a distance weighted or an evenly distributed approach. Demands at unwanted dead ends are transferred to their corresponding upstream nodes. A comprehensive, fully intelligent network topology preservation algorithm prohibits any network disconnections and ensures network model integrity and its hydraulic equivalency at all times.

You can now readily construct hydraulic network models from your CAD and GIS datasets.