What's new in InfoWorks WS Pro 4.0

The latest release of InfoWorks WS Pro presents a major step forward for Innovyze’s leading water supply infrastructure solution.

A new way of working

This release incorporates a new ‘merge’ version-control method that transforms the way users work with their models. A range of new features and improvements make InfoWorks WS Pro more productive, easier to use and more dynamic than ever before.

Man working at a laptop and multiple screens


  • New Spatial Bookmarks

    InfoWorks WS Pro v. 4.0 features spatial bookmarks that help improve the user experience: they give you a library of favorite views. Now users can quickly save views of a particular geographic location to reference later or to share with colleagues. Spatial bookmarks save the view you are working on while you zoom in or pan out of a view. The bookmark allows you to snap back to the selected view.

    You can base your selection on:

    • The current view in the GeoPlan
    • A selection of objects in the model
    • Specific coordinates
    New Spatial Bookmarks
  • Default Theme

    The new default theme added to InfoWorks WS Pro v 4.0 makes it much faster to see the precise level of detail that you want to see, without having to see every item in a view. It is still fully customizable.

    You can zoom in on the view quickly as there is no need for the system to include all the extraneous detail. This feature makes it easier to see the elements of the network that you choose and considerably increases the drawing speed.

    The Thematic Key tab has been enhanced to provide the ability to turn on/off the visibility of a specific object and to use/don’t use zoom levels for the visualization.

    In addition to the above, you can also turn on/off sub-themes defined for the object.

  • User / Shared Custom Actions

    Within InfoWorks WS Pro v. 4.0 you can now create Custom Actions to run tasks that are performed frequently. Essentially, this feature emulates the effect of dropping a tree object onto the GeoPlan window. The Custom Action can also be setup to run a specific Ruby script. Custom Actions are added to the menu bar, and can be limited to a single user, or shared across users. This makes your use of WS Pro fully customizable to your specific needs at an individual as well as a company level.

    User / Shared Custom Actions
  • NEW Version Control (Lock & Merge Model)

    This feature takes collaborative working in InfoWorks WS Pro to new levels. In previous versions, users ‘check out’ a version-controlled object in order to change it. No one else can change the object while it is checked out. When the user has finished working on it, it has to be checked in – or the checkout must be undone.

    This procedure, which we now refer to as the “Lock model”, generates a long library of version-controlled objects that can take up valuable and costly memory. The Lock model of version control is still available but in addition we offer an improved approach: the “Merge model”.

    The NEW Merge model allows multiple people to edit the same version-controlled object simultaneously. They commit their changes to the master database so that other users can share them, and quickly see what has been changed. The system identifies and resolves conflicts between changes to objects committed by different users. Users can view the commit history to compare, view or edit older versions of the object, confident that the integrity of the data and its source is maintained.

    This advance means that InfoWorks WS Pro v 4.0 users benefit from a single saved model, with all the changes clearly marked and accessible to all users. This is the premise behind the ‘Digital Twin’ – an accurate, up to date, virtual model of the real world. It enables more dynamic, iterative modelling for better scenario planning and decision making.

    Both Lock and Merge models are available in InfoWorks WS Pro v 4.0.

    >> Follow this link for more information on how the new Merge Model works in InfoWorks WS Pro v 4.0.

  • Warning Summary exposed to Area Group polygons

    Warning templates are an easy tool to assess service levels. Results can now be collated to an Area Group level and color-coded themes can be defined to identify critical DMAs within the model.

    A label can be added to further highlight network criticalities. Only simulation warnings are available for InfoWorks WS Pro. Verification warnings only available for IWLive Pro.

    Warning Summary exposed to Area Group polygons
  • Improvements to the InfoWorks WS Pro engine

    Modeling open channels. We now use the De Saint Venant equations to model flow in a cross-sectional shape. The 1D equations are used extensively in other Innovyze products to model open channels. This capability gives you greater flexibility to model flow over steep channels, in particular. We are planning to extend the capability to model Drain Down and Recharge in v 4.5.

    Hydrant Testing simulations in v 4.0 have been extended to include multi-core simulations – where the computational workload is spread across multiple machines or processors. A new hydrant testing delay simulation function shows what happens at different timesteps in the simulation, and duration testing allows you to model the impact of a hydrant being opened for different lengths of time.

    Powerful import from InfoWater and regular EPANet models. Dedicated ‘Import from XINP’ streamlines the process of importing data from InfoWater to InfoWorks WS Pro when you want to convert your model. Because users can transfer models seamlessly, without having to pass data through EPANet, there is no longer the risk of losing valuable information or the overhead of transferring the data manually.