Smart Drainage Begins with Smart Design

Advanced drainage design software that optimises the performance and effectiveness of drainage systems, including SuDS – both greenfield and retrofit.

Sustainable Drainage Design Made Easy

When it comes to sustainable drainage design, MicroDrainage does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. It sizes drainage networks and includes flow controls, infiltration systems and attenuation structures in a single hydraulic model.

Sustainable Drainage Design Made Easy
Environmentally sensitive drainage solution

Design Drainage for Now and the Future

MicroDrainage tests drainage designs against extreme weather events and allows for climate change; giving designers, engineers, approvers and auditors confidence in the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of drainage systems, today and in the future.

Benefits Business and Communities

From SMEs to large developers, MicroDrainage benefits everyone: designers who use it and the communities who live with the results. MicroDrainage ensures drainage systems are safe, sustainable, and meet environmental regulations.

Benefits Business and Communities
Sustainable drainage structure

What you can do with MicroDrainage

  • Optimise Performance and Resources

    With MicroDrainage, you scope your drain networks accurately and optimally. Think of it as ‘Goldilocks’ sizing: not too big, not too small, so you can balance space, resources, costs and drainage needs with local authority approval requirements.

    Optimise Performance and Resources
  • Design SuDS with Confidence

    MicroDrainage is the design power behind SuDS installations around the UK and Ireland. It delivers a complete design process for SuDS structures; from design concepts to hydraulic flow analysis. Ideal for designing storage, infiltration structures, flow controls including soakaways, infiltration trenches, porous car parks, cellular storage, ponds, MicroDrainage models the benefits of incorporating SuDS, green roofs and rainwater harvesting tanks.

    Design SuDS with Confidence
  • Compatible with BIM

    MicroDrainage enables collaborative teamwork – a key goal of Building Information Modelling (BIM). It enhances and simplifies processes, workflows and interoperability. Share 3D designs with clients and stakeholders for greater clarity, communication and engagement on projects. Design out potential risks, resolve inconsistencies and detect clashes before breaking ground to save time, money and materials on development projects.

    Compatible with BIM
  • Integrates with Autodesk AutoCAD® Civil 3D®

    MicroDrainage can export and import drainage networks directly to AutoCAD® Civil 3D®. Intelligent links between Civil 3D and MicroDrainage mean changes can be made in either package and updated in the other at the click of a button. The integrity of data is protected when ‘round tripping’, removing the need to handle discrepancies between network models in different file formats.

    Integrates with Autodesk AutoCAD® Civil 3D®
  • Flood Prevention Modelling

    Model extreme rainfall and graphical flood flow paths to eliminate design flaws and understand how your system will perform. Calculate greenfield runoff rates – even with complex flow controls – storage requirements and infiltration. MicroDrainage models multiple types of hydraulic controls. Pumps, weirs, flumes, orifices, depth/flow, gates, v notch weirs, non-return valves, Hydro-Brake, Crown Vortex Valve, Garastor, ACO Q-Brake, HydroSlide, and others.

    Flood Prevention Modelling
  • Visualise Designs in 3D

    Significantly improve communication by visualising designs in 3D to and give partners and planning authorities a clearer picture. Stronger designs and better engagement means fewer misunderstandings as well as much faster proofs of concept and, ultimately, planning approval.

    Visualise Designs in 3D
  • Built with Standards in Mind

    MicroDrainage has been developed to meet the standards required by Sewers for Adoption, Sewers for Scotland, Sewers for Northern Ireland and DMRB, as well as SABs and CIRIA guidance.

    MicroDrainage delivers confidence that drainage designs comply with legislation, standards and guidance, making planning approval faster and more straightforward.

  • Expert Support and Maintenance

    Innovyze software experts are on hand to deliver unparalleled support, guidance and advice for getting the most out of MicroDrainage. Comprehensive training and regular product updates ensure MicroDrainage continues to deliver the drainage design capabilities you need.

    Expert Support and Maintenance

MicroDrainage programs are very much tools for professional engineers. They remain gimmick-free, and something which gives powered assistance to solving engineering problems which would be impossible manually.

Consulting Engineer Devon, UK

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