Sustainable Drainage Design

A complete SuDS design and analysis solution, from conceptual design to hydraulic flow analysis

MicroDrainage MDSuDS for Sustainable Drainage Design

MDSuDS provides a complete SuDS design and analysis solution for developers, planners, designers, engineers and consultants. It leads users through a design process for SuDS structures from conceptual design, including water quality, to hydraulic flow analysis. What's more, reviewing and comparing results for pre- and post-development scenarios can be conducted seamlessly.

MicroDrainage MDSuDS helps to:

Improve pre-site planning & maximise land use

With MDSuDS you can design the optimal size of your SuDS to take advantage of the space available, maximising the value and minimising land take. By quickly assessing natural catchment and blue/green corridors, you can design SuDS with greater accuracy, without approximated oversizing. That saves construction costs later in the project.

Make detailed SuDS design quick & easy

MDSuDS removes the need to spend hours poring over spreadsheets and tables to approximate and calculate structure sizes. It sizes individual SuDS and then analyses how well the whole network will control flows and reduce pollutants. The intuitive drop and drag interface makes positioning and modifying SuDS simple and easy.


Simulate discharge for better flood control

MDSuDS helps you understand the mitigating impact of a SuDS network on downstream flooding. Using MDSuDS, MicroDrainage produces more realistic simulations of the flow through a network of structures. You can then refine the design to reduce the network's discharge.

Use 'Flow Through Structures'

Unique to MDSuDS, 'Flow Through Structures' technology manages the advanced design process in MicroDrainage for modelling the lag and attenuation of water flow in a SuDS network for more realistic simulations.

Identify natural channels

The deluge function enables a quick analysis of the main flow path and ponding areas. This allows an effective investigation of the topography of the site to determine the ‘blue’ and ‘green’ corridors, comprising receptors – where runoff naturally accumulates – and the water pathways across the surface of the existing site.

Integrate MDSuDS in MicroDrainage networks

It is easy and quick to drag and drop SuDS designed in MDSuDs into a MicroDrainage network. The imported structure provides a more accurate, fully integrated model that is faster and easier for approving bodies to assess. The highly graphical visual interface and outputs make the information more accessible for everyone involved, and enhances the understanding of the SuDS performance.