Create Flood Forecasts and Assess Risks

Extreme or nuisance flooding can cause damage and public safety risks if left unchecked. With Innovyze’s advanced urban flood modeling tools, you can confidently plan flood mitigation strategies to minimize risk.

The Challenge

Be Prepared in the Face of Intense Storm Events and Flooding

Innovyze’s flood modeling solutions are trusted worldwide to provide accurate and timely flood forecasts and risk assessments. You can accurately simulate rainfall and storm events to evaluate preparedness and plans of action before flooding occurs. Advanced 1D/2D modeling provides a detailed representation of where flooding may occur, when, and the severity of the flood. 

Flooded road junction
Photo of flooded street with garden fences and streetlights

Be prepared to address flooding to protect public and private interests:

  • Apply ensemble rainfall distributions for dynamic flood risk assessments
  • Meet regulatory standards with solutions approved by FEMA and tested by the UK’s Environment Agency
  • Assess impacts on above ground and below ground assets
  • Conduct complex urban flood analysis
  • Integrate forecast data for live flood alerts and emergency responses

Don’t be caught unprepared in the face of an intense storm event. Get the answers you need from your model to evaluate what risks exist, where, and what you need to do to be ready.


“The usefulness of the flood warning model in the InfoWorks ICM modeling software and its ability to model not only real-time data, but hypothetical extreme events, provided a better understanding of the City’s preparedness.”

Project ManagerHDR Inc. San Antonio, Texas, US

The Solution

  • Conduct Advanced 1D/2D Modeling

    Hydraulic and hydrologic modeling is fundamental to drainage analysis and flood risk assessments. The Innovyze portfolio of advanced modeling solutions empowers you to build models that you can trust. InfoWorks ICM and XPSWMM employ coupled 1D/2D modeling to accurately depict stormwater, sewer, and overland flows. This can give you a better understanding of which areas are prone to flood. With Innovyze solutions, you can simulate intense storm patterns to evaluate where system stresses would emerge. In turn, you are enabled to develop resiliency plans when faced with high flood risk potential.

    Surface water runoff along street
  • Make Confident Decisions with Real-Time Flood Forecasting

    The combination of InfoWorks ICM and ICMLive enables you to conduct near-real-time operational forecasting, receive early warnings, and plan for emergency management. Using these tools, you and your team can employ confident and proactive decision making for addressing flood risks. Activate the potential of live modeling with ICMLive. It integrates current field instrumentation readings and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems with hydraulic models and rainfall forecast data. This information – based on near-real-time information and radar forecasts – gives you a glimpse into how future rainfall will impact likelihood of flooding. Your model outputs help identify the pre-emptive actions operators can take to reduce the chances of floods or overflows.

    Flooded street with sandbags in foreground
  • Identify Critical Facilities that Might be at Risk

    Innovyze software can seamlessly exchange data from multiple sources. You can import all your GIS and existing model data. With this baseline for your model, you can add even more system elements to conduct a thorough analysis in the face of extreme storm patterns. Use InfoWorks ICM to calculate potential damage caused by specific flood events. You can identify which critical infrastructure – like highways, dams, and bridges – may be at risk during intense storms or floods. With XPSWMM, you can define high pedestrian hazard areas and compute the best evacuation routes from critical facilitie

    A flooded recreation area
  • Perform Accurate Floodplain Mapping

    Innovyze solutions make use of dynamic and probabilistic modeling simulations to ensure that you are accurately representing what could happen during flood events.

    Leave static analysis behind as advanced computational technology provides modelers with significantly more accurate methods for in-floodplain mapping.

    Tested and approved by regulatory institutions, XPSWMM empowers modelers to confidently develop floodplain maps. Your team can actively evaluate the risks associated with both nuisance flooding and federal designated floodplain zones.

    Flooding along a street
  • Test Flood Risk Mitigation with Powerful Scenario Management

    It’s impossible to know every outcome from storm scenarios, but with the right tool you can confidently analyze a wide range of simulation outputs to select the best course for action. InfoWorks ICM can distribute model simulations across a networked environment of licensed machines and XPSWMM can run multiple simulations in parallel to compare a variety of outcomes. Simply set your models to run in the background while you continue to work and analyze the comparative results when they are ready. Using this information, you can actively plan for mitigation strategies with model outputs that have been vetted for reduction in estimated annual damage, lower flood heights, or shorter flood durations. Find the right engineering solutions to identify the best course of action with extensive optioneering. The ends result lets you employ cost-effective flood reduction strategies and actively plan for better operations in the future.

    Storm clouds, rain, and lightning across a plain

What to look for in a Flood Risk Assessment solution

  • Can it handle complex networks – including all natural and constructed elements?
  • Does it quickly and accurately model all flow paths from underground infrastructure to overland flooding?
  • Does it allow you to establish spatial floodplain mapping that is direct and consistent with expected flooding?
  • Will it enable you to provide results that stakeholders are confident in for risk assessment and emergency planning?

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