Drainage Design and Analysis

Innovyze drainage design and analysis solutions are used by designers, engineers, consultants, developers, reviewers, approving authorities and water companies working on new and retrofit projects.

Innovyze’s drainage design products empower you to:

  • Integrate effective drainage design into your development projects
  • Fit your drainage designs to the project site, budget and timeline
  • Design sustainable drainage systems to meet the demands of a changing world
  • Fully comply with local planning requirements for faster approval
  • Produce easy to understand designs and reports to improve communication and make reviews straightforward
  • Work collaboratively by creating 3D designs that are BIM compliant
  • Ensure your drainage systems are safe, sustainable and meet environmental regulations


InfoDrainage creates detailed designs of both traditional and sustainable drainage, plus customizable reports for local regulatory compliance. It enables you to experiment and optimize, for projects from single buildings to large developments.

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In the UK & Ireland, MicroDrainage is the standard local authorities, designers, developers and consultancies use when creating and approving planning applications. It delivers a complete design process for SuDS structures; from design concepts to hydraulic flow analysis.

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If you’re designing roads, roundabouts and residential sites, XPSite3D has it covered. Using automated computations, XPSite3D allows engineers to focus on what they do best - delivering optimal, accurate designs.

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