Water Loss: Reducing Leakage and Non-Revenue Water

Leaks, mishandled data, metering inaccuracies, and unauthorized consumption all contribute to non-revenue water. The right tools enable you to take the right action to minimize both real and apparent water loss and start regaining revenue.

The Challenge

Detect and Pinpoint Sources of Non-Revenue Water

Non-revenue water (NRW) is water lost to real losses such as prolonged leaks and pipe breaks, as well as apparent losses including metering inaccuracies and unauthorized consumption. The Innovyze portfolio of operational analytics, water distribution modeling, and asset management solutions that give your organization the tools you need to address leakage and non-revenue water. Integrate your hydraulic model and operational data with asset management solutions for greater accessibility. Increase your confidence in prioritizing risk to inform better rehabilitation and repair (R&R) initiatives.

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Dripping water pipe

Make your water loss action plan accessible across the organization:

  • Analyze your system data for the right insights
  • Continuously calibrate your model for system-wide performance analysis
  • Pinpoint problem areas prone to leaks or pipe bursts and identify the contributing factors
  • Deploy field crews with confidence 

These tools enable you to develop a strategy to reduce non-revenue water that is sound and driven by data. Make the most of your water distribution and asset management technology investments and start regaining revenue for your organization.


“Innovyze geocentric advanced smart water technology gives us the tools we need to help us better operate, manage, and sustain our water distribution system at maximum effectiveness and cost-savings. These capabilities aid in improving our water system performance and resiliency.”

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The Solution

  • Unify Your Data to Deliver the Right Insights

    Actively address apparent losses – like mishandled data, metering inaccuracies, and unauthorized consumption – with live data sourced directly from your network and verified with hydraulic models.

    Info360 by Innovyze (formerly SCADAWatch) provides a single repository for your field telemetry and SCADA data and performs sophisticated analytics to deliver actionable insights.

    With a user-friendly interface that can be accessed via web browsers, Info360 can help you remove data silos – empowering improved network understanding from the control room to the field.

    Creating usage patterns with the Info360 Mass Balance tool will help you better understand your customers. By comparing usage with billing information, you can identify areas with higher non-revenue water (NRW). Info360 brings in field data to speed-up hydraulic model calibration and improves model integrity. Scalable, secure, and smart, Info360 consolidates your network data to identify and help you reduce apparent losses.

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  • Rapidly Locate Leaks and Receive Alerts for Action

    Real losses – like leakage on mains and service lines, and leaks or overflows at storage tanks – are actively tracked in Info360 (formerly SCADAWatch).

    Automated workflows calculate a daily Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI), giving you a key performance indicator (KPI) that accurately reflects the full spectrum of water losses across your network. Minimum Nightly Flows can be calculated to estimate background leakage from commonly available data.

    These KPIs can be geo-specified across the district metered areas (DMAs) in your system to tell you which zones suffer from leakage.

    Info360 will comb your data for anomalies. If there is a spike in metrics that may indicate a problem – such as an unexpected rapid drop in tank level – you’ll get automatic alerts sent directly via text or email.

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  • Drive Proactive Asset Performance Management to Fix Leaks

    If a zone in your system is prone to leaks, it may be in need of appropriate R&R. The InfoAsset product set is designed to make R&R planning on networked water assets practical and easy – while getting the most from your operations and maintenance (O&M) budget.

    InfoAsset provides a single source of truth on asset condition based on sound data provenance, risk-based analytics, and accessible reports that are easily understood.

    InfoAsset Manager is your reliable source of asset-centric data including pipe condition, age, location, and more.

    With InfoAsset Planner, extensive risk modeling provides likelihood of failure (LOF) and consequence of failure (COF) calculations so that you can prioritize pipe repair where it will have the most impact at the least cost.

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  • Continuously Calibrate Your Water Distribution Model

    Info360 (formerly SCADAWatch) can connect with InfoWater or InfoWater Pro to rapidly calibrate your hydraulic model. It’s no longer necessary to spend months tracking down the right data to populate spreadsheets and bringing in operations staff to provide input on model calibrations.

    With built-in tools for pump validation, diurnal curve creation and more, calibrating your model with Info360 can take as little as two days – instead of months.

    Having a continuously calibrated distribution model in InfoWater helps you track leakage, giving you a full system view so you can nail down trouble areas. Water distribution models need to represent all the water going through the system – including leakage and demand. And, with SCADA data configured to provide a live data source, your model becomes an indispensable tool for both engineers and operators.

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  • Make Your Data Accessible and Clearly Understood

    Info360 consolidates the data being gathered by your whole system into one software application — allowing information flows that are fast, analytically optimized and actionable. It generates comprehensive, high fidelity performance reports, accessible via a web browser, to help utilities develop the optimal course of action based on specific performance objectives for reducing non-revenue water.

    InfoWater and InfoWater Pro provide reporting formats that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization so that model outputs related to leakage are clearly understood by stakeholders.

    InfoAsset products include mobile and online versions that democratize asset information and make it easy to access. Control room operators, field crew, customer service representatives, and finance members who may all be involved in the asset management process can now access the right data to improve asset reliability and service.

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  • A Comprehensive Software Package to Tackle Non-revenue Water

    Info360 is a web-based, real-time utility analytics and operational data management toolset that delivers the right insights to address both real and apparent water losses.

    InfoWater and InfoWater Pro will give you a holistic view of network performance so that you have a clear system-wide view of pressure, tank levels, and pipe performance. You can take a high-level view of your whole distribution system to spot problem areas.

    InfoAsset ensures that you are taking the right action, at the right time, at minimal cost to address leak-prone areas. This not only minimizes lost revenue and water but improves levels of service to customers and ensures ecological soundness for years to come.

    Each of these solutions on its own leads in its respective class. When combined, they represent the most complete offering of tools that can be used to actively address leakage and non-revenue water.

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What to look for in a solution to address non-revenue water

  • It connects to near-real-time data sources and provides a single repository for analysis
  • Advanced analytics can extract the right KPIs that drive action
  • Hydraulic models are quickly calibrated and accurately represent system-wide performance and health
  • It informs proactive R&R initiatives to fix pipes that are prone to leakage

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