InfoCare - the Details

The Support and Maintenance Plan from Innovyze


InfoCare is the name for our support and maintenance program, designed to unlock the full benefits of our software. All customers with current InfoCare service agreements now have access to a range of services & resources. Innovyze will provide you with the following services for a period of 12 months from the date of the commencement of InfoCare.

Product Upgrades and Updates

Ensure you are always working with the latest software, keeping you up-to-date with the recent industry standards and the newest features. Throughout the period you will have access to the product downloads page to obtain and install the latest version of the software. The software license will allow the latest versions to be installed and licensed throughout the duration of the InfoCare agreement. Upon registering for the Support Portal at and approval by Innovyze you will be allowed access to the downloads page to obtain current and recent past versions.

Note: Not all software titles allow concurrent versions and uninstall and reinstall may be required.

Technical Support

Expert assistance is readily on hand from our global engineering support staff, who can be contacted by email, phone and via the Innovyze Support Portal.


Telephone Support plus minus

Innovyze will provide technical support via telephone Monday through Friday, during the office hours from the support center closest to the customer (except on those days designated as Innovyze’s holidays).

Innovyze currently provides support from centers in Broomfield, Colorado; Wallingford, UK; Brisbane, Australia and from a network of global remote employees.

Web-based and Email Support plus minus

Innovyze provides access to the web-based customer interface of our CRM system to the customer’s registered support contacts which enables its users to create, track and update support incidents and access its knowledge base. Support cases sent to will automatically create tickets for registered customers. Access to an unlimited number of contacts is permitted for the duration of the InfoCare agreement. Register at

Case Number plus minus

Upon receipt of a support request (case) (and provided that the contact is a registered support contact with an active InfoCare agreement), Innovyze’s Technical Support system will create an incident and provide the incident number to the customer by email. This process is to notify the customer that the case is in the queue.

Innovyze leverages its worldwide workforce and it is probable that the corresponding Support response may come from any of our direct employees.

Case Input plus minus

For Innovyze to quickly resolve a software issue you must supply enough description for our technicians to understand your issue. In some cases, we may require you to provide model databases, screenshots and/or full error messages along with steps to recreate the problem. The cases allow attachments up to 25Mb, but larger attachments may be possible if you provide us with a file sharing link.

Response Time Goals plus minus

Innovyze goals for response time and resolution are to provide first response and resolution to 90% of the cases within 2 hours and have 95% of the cases resolved with 24 hours.

Support Types plus minus

Innovyze will provide the following support types as part of the InfoCare agreement:

  1. Explanation of software features, error messages and workflow
  2. Licensing and licensing troubleshooting
  3. Logging of feature requests
  4. High level result preparation
  5. Explanation of unexpected results

Innovyze cannot provide:

  1. Engineering judgement
  2. Values for data entry
  3. Result interpretation beyond direct explanation of the value
  4. Next steps for solving engineering problems
  5. Training through the support process (training is available for a fee)

Case Resolution Tools plus minus

In some deeper dives to resolve the issue we will schedule with you an opportunity to screen share using Webex, GoToMeeting or similar technology. All our support staff have access to this invaluable resource.

Optional Services plus minus

You may, for an additional fee, elect to add the following types of services:

  1. Onsite, Online, and Public Training
  2. Implementation services such as model build and conversion
  3. Software installation and configuration
  4. Proof of concept

Case Priority plus minus

When placing a case in the online Support Portal, you can choose the case Priority of Low, Normal and High. When multiple cases are in the Open Case Queue, the language in the Case and this Setting are used to triage the cases and address the open cases with the highest priority first.

Case Status plus minus

New cases automatically become Open cases, and other status types can edited by our staff such as Closed, Working, Pending, Escalated, and With Development. Software defects may sometimes be marked as With Development. Escalated tickets mean that we have requested another team to take the case at the end of the day and Pending usually means we are waiting for the customer to provide additional requested information.

Escalation plus minus

Should you determine in good faith that the resolution or the service provided by Innovyze is unsatisfactory, you can update the case and/or ask to be contacted by the region's Client Services Manager.

Note: Cases marked as Escalation in the Support Portal refer to cases that our staff members have shared with other staff members.

Client Satisfaction Survey plus minus

At the closing of the case, we will periodically ask for your feedback on our support services. This short five-question email survey allows us to track our success in responding to your tickets so that we may continually improve our services. The survey is optional and does not otherwise impact the service provided.

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