David Fortune

Vice President of Innovation

David leads product strategy for water management software systems, including real-time operations, asset management, and hydraulic modelling. He specializes in digital twin: virtual models of water, wastewater and stormwater networks through design, construction, maintenance, planning, and operations.

He has worked in Europe, the USA, India and China. He is a software engineer and mathematician, and has contributed to many water research projects.

David is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Water and Environmental Management (C.WEM MCIWEM) and sits on the Board of the OpenMI Association which promotes integrated environmental modelling.

What matters to me is designing, developing and selling the best software systems. What is best? Systems that go beyond improving the way people work — systems that change what they do. Their lives are never the same again.

Driving change using innovative software.

Online Virtual Conferences:

2021, June - EMEA | Smart Asset Management Workshop

David's recent publications:

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