David Totman

VP of Asset Management

David Totman, is the Vice President of Asset Management for Innovyze, providing strategic direction for infrastructure systems management across the entire Innovyze product line. He has been in the water industry for nearly 40 years and has applied geospatial technology to business process optimization, project analytics, and full life cycle infrastructure management for over 30 years.

Prior to Innovyze he was the Global Water Industry manager for Esri and served as the Asset Manager for Colorado Springs Utilities, one of the largest municipally owned four-service utilities in the USA. His state government service included water quality and water rights adjudications.

He is a member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). As an officer in the ASCE, he holds the title of Past-President of the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute (UESI) as well as ASCE representative to the US TAG on TC-251 / ISO 55000. David is also an Academic Advisory Board Member to the University of California Riverside Extension Professional Studies in Design Thinking.

Selected conference presentations/moderations, blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos, publications, and deliverables by David Totman from 2012 to date:

Online Virtual Conferences:

2020, August - "What Data-Driven Water Utilities Know and Understand: Regulatory Compliance using Asset Management"
- Virtual Water Expo by Water Online

2020, August - "ASCE UESI Pipelines Virtual Conference: Leveraging a Risk Based Decision Strategy for Pipeline Management at the City of Houston", (08/11/2020)

2019, May - "The Nexus of Water Loss & Asset Management: Economic Impact of Water Loss" Water Asset Management Conference Online by Water Finance & Management


2020, December - "How Hard is it to Create an AMP?"
2020, November – "The Power of the Bathtub in Asset Management"
2020, October – "What's a Pipe?"
2020, June - "Upcoming Florida Legislation Expected to Push for Better Wastewater Asset Management"


2020, December – "Podcast Eight - What's in Store for Asset Management?"
2020, April – "Keeping the Water Flowing", ASCE Plot Points podcast with Ben Walpole
2019, October – "The Skyrocketing Importance Of The Digital Twin", WaterTalk podcast interview with Todd Schnick and joined by Carol Browner, former USEPA Administrator


2020, April - "Sewer Infiltration to Asset Rehabilitation: An End-to-End Roadmap for Action", (04/29/2020)
2020, March - "Tying it all together in an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for full AWIA compliance", (03/11/2020)
2020, February - "Asset Performance and Risk Modeling, generating an Asset Management Plan (AMP)", (02/12/2020)
2020, January - "Beyond addresses, using a GIS-centric Enterprise Asset Management system to accurately manage work for compliance", (01/15/2020)
2020, January - "Global Water Trends + Predictions", (01/08/2020)
2019, November - "Building a GIS-centric asset registry", (11/20/2019)
2019, October - "Introduction to AWIA and how to comply using Smart Technology", (10/23/2019)


2019, November - "Ensuring Water Quality: A Report from the 2019 Aspen-Nicholas Forum", Contributing author to a Report from the 2019 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum, (11/12/2019)
2018, November - "Reaching Watershed Scale Through Cooperation and Integration", Contributing author to a Report from the 2018 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum, (11/15/2018)
2017, November - "The Future of Groundwater", Contributing author to a Report from the 2017 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum, (11/28/2017)
2017, September - "Los GIS ayudan a optimizar la gestión de un recurso tan valioso y escaso como el agua", TechnoAqua, (September - October 2017, V27)
- Interview of David Totman by Rubén J. Vinagre García
2017, May - "Internet of Water: Sharing and Integrating Water Data for Sustainability", Contributing author to a report from the Aspen Institute Dialogue Series on Water Data, (05/10/2017)
2016, October - "What's Next for Lead?", Water Finance & Management, (10/03/2016), Interview of David Totman by Andrew Farr
2016, September - "How to Optimize Utility Asset Management with GIS", Software Advice, (09/25/2016)
- Interview of David Totman by Taylor Short
2016, August - "Better Mapping Helps Federal, State, Local Governments Fight Zika", Government Technology, (08/11/2016)
- Interview of David Totman by Ben Miller
2016, June - "A Watershed Moment in Public Alerting", Informed Infrastructure, (06/14/2016)
2016, June – "6 Maps Fighting the Buzz", Esri Insider blog, (06/01/2016)
2016, May - "GIS and the 5 Ws", Rural Water, (05/02/2016)
2016, April - "How GIS-Compatible is that CMMS Software?", AWWA CA-NV SOURCE, (Spring 2016, V30, N2)
2016, January - "Optimize Asset Management with your GIS Mapping Software", Opflow, (January 2016, V42, N1)
2015, October - "Asset Management - Identifying Relationships and Spot Patterns with GIS Mapping Software", AWWA CA-NV SOURCE, (Fall 2015, V29, N4)
2015, July - "Big Data: Where Did All The Water Go?", Smart Data Collective, (07/15/2015)
- Interview of David Totman by Shawn Gordon
2015, February - "3 Clicks to Public Works", Esri Insider blog, (02/13/15)
2014, July - "Where in the World Does All this ESRI World Data Come from?", Smart Data Collective, (07/31/2014)
- Interview of David Totman by Shawn Gordon
2014, January - "Understanding the Difference between Consumer and GIS Mapping Applications", CE News, (01/29/2014)
2013, November - "Technology in Construction: The Three Gs of Digital Automation", Forester Daily News, (11/11/2013)
- Interview of David Totman by Ed Ritchie
2013, April - "Model predictions: GIS helps public works manage assets", American City & County, (04/17/2013)
2012, October - "Public Works and the Cloud", Esri Insider blog, (10/15/12)
2012, July - "Public Works and the Cloud; Fact or Fiction?", Cityworks InPrint, (07/04/2012)
2012, May - "Static Web Maps vs. Dynamic Web GIS", Public Works, (05/22/2012)

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