MicroDrainage: Greenfield Runoff, Unit Hydrographs and Flood Risk Management Tools (UK)

Advanced Training Course

Assessment of greenfield conditions is rapidly becoming a pre-requisite for planning approval. The hydrology capabilities within MicroDrainage enable engineers to design systems that consider the pre-development conditions of the site and can include Greenfield areas in their design. In addition, mapping existing flooding problems is an integral part of flood risk assessments and surface water management plans. Flood risk management tools are needed at the before and throughout a drainage design to ensure developments are suitably designed for exceedence.

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Who will benefit?

Drainage and development control engineers within consultancies, EA, SEPA, Local and County Councils. A good practical knowledge of MicroDrainage is essential.

What will they learn?

Engineers will use MicroDrainage to keep site discharges within pre-development runoff limits and to incorporate Greenfield areas into their designs. Important aspects of flood risk assessment work are all covered by this course to ensure compliance with the statutory service levels for flood planning.

Key Topics

The course covers the latest hydrology techniques, including:

  • Deriving Peak Flows from undeveloped & partly urbanised catchments
  • The application of complex controls to meet allowable discharge limits for new developments
  • Producing runoff hydrographs from undeveloped greenfield sites
  • Combining & analysing flows from urban & rural catchments, to comply with flood risk zoning
  • Analysing sites for pre-development flood conditions
  • Checking flood flow paths on integrated urban drainage systems

An overview of the theory and the statutory requirements are included in the course. Delegates will be guided through worked examples to illustrate the methodology, which include sites bounded by rivers and streams.

Course Overview


Newbury, UK: Oxford Square, St. Anne's House, Oxford St, Newbury RG14 1JQ


May 15, 2020 - May 15, 2020


1 Days

Registration Fee

Not InfoCARE Customer - £625pp (plus VAT), InfoCARE Customer - £575pp (plus VAT)

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