MicroDrainage: MDSuDS - SuDS Concepts & Design (UK)

Advanced Training Course

A general introduction to the use of MDSuDS at pre-planning stage to assess the existing topography and pre-development situation in terms of greenfield runoff rates and volume. The course then covers how MDSuDS can show the extent of each SuDS system and generate scenarios to ensure that the maximum potential for the land has been delivered for the client with the minimum land take.

Who will benefit?

Developers, consultants and approving authorities would all benefit when motivated to implement a SuDS solution.

What will they learn?

The course covers the key aspects of a SuDS design from concept through to detail design to provide evidence to an approving authority covering water quantity, quality and SuDS treatment train scenarios.

Key Topics

All the essential skills required to provide a compliant SuDS design, including:

  • Identify the existing blue/green corridors
  • Pre-development greenfield runoff rates
  • Pre-development greenfield runoff volume
  • Background pollution concentrations
  • SuDS train scenarios
  • Pre v Post-development results

Practical examples of designing individual SuDS structures and how to develop a SuDS ‘system’ will be covered
The course combines tutor-led teaching with worked examples and hands-on learning. Comprehensive course notes are provided.

Course Overview


Newbury, UK: Oxford Square, St. Anne's House, Oxford St, Newbury RG14 1JQ


January 16, 2020 - January 16, 2020


1 Days

Registration Fee

Not InfoCARE Customer - £625pp (+VAT) InfoCARE Customer - £575pp (+VAT)

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