Stormwater & Flood Modelling Management

Training Course

This course will focus on stormwater modelling, starting with basic hydrology and hydraulics on the first-half of day one. The second part of the day will focus on the advanced hydraulic functions and tools such as dual drainage and detention. The second day will delve into 1D river modelling and integrated 1D/2D modelling.

Innovyze workshops cater to a variety of skill levels. However, to make the best use of class time it is recommended that anyone who attends training, go through the ‘Getting Started’ manual for XPSWMM/XPSTORM. This requires access to a licence of the software. If you do not have access to a licence, please contact us.

Day One plus minus

XPSWMM/XPSTORM Interface and Hydrology Analysis

  • XPSWMM/XPSTORM Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • XPRAFTS/Laurenson Hydrologic Methods
  • Add a DTM layer, background image and import nodes, links and catchments from shape files
  • Use tools to calculate sub catchment areas, catchment assignment and hydrologic parameters
  • Use the new ARR Storm Generator to create ensemble rainfall
    - Urban and rural loss methods and data
  • Using the solve manager and reviewing ensemble results
    - Comparing ARR16 results with ARR87

Hydraulic Analysis

  • Review 1D Hydraulics Theory/Capability
  • Create a 1D Hydraulic model from various import capabilities
  • Troubleshoot and Run a XPSWMM/XPSTORM model
  • Solve and Review Hydraulic Results
  • Use Global Storms and compare model runs

Advanced Stormwater Modelling Tools

  • Automated Conduit Sizing
  • Surface Ponding and Node Storage
  • Dual Drainage
  • Basin design and optimization
  • Outlet Structures

Day Two plus minus

Introduction to 2D Modelling

  • 2D Model Theory
    - Linking pits and pipes to 2D

Integrated 1D/2D River and Culvert Modelling

  • 2D Model with Culverts
  • Linking 1D (Channel) and 2D Model
  • 2D Model Troubleshooting
  • Solving and 2D Map and Vector Results Tools
  • Exporting Inundation Maps to GIS

Course Overview


Brisbane, Australia


12 June 2019 - 13 June 2019


2 Days

Registration Fee

$2000 + GST per person

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