XPSite3D (UK)

Training Course

A course designed to help you get the most out of XPSite3D.

Who will benefit?

Anyone designing or checking road layouts who wants to understand the process of road design as well as an optimised approach to completing designs. No previous experience of road design or the XPSite3D software is required for this introductory course.

What will they learn?

Participants will learn the basics of road design using the fastest and most efficient methods. Step by step guidance, including presentations, discussion and hands-on use of the software will take attendees through the design of road systems to serve typical applications, such as housing estates or industrial or retail parks. The interaction with the design of associated drainage systems is a key feature of the training.

Key Topics

  • Import of background data, such as AutoCAD layers
  • Creation of roads including bends, kerbs and footpaths.
  • Design of junctions, addressing safety issues associated with visibility
  • Design of roundabouts including those on slopes
  • Discussion of design considerations such as speed of approach to junctions
  • Inclusion of traffic calming measures
  • Vertical alignment design including ‘cut and fill’ considerations
  • Specification of road drainage
  • Issues associated with the presentation of designs to a variety of stakeholders

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Course Overview


Newbury, UK: Oxford Square, St. Anne's House, Oxford St, Newbury RG14 1JQ


March 24, 2020 - March 24, 2020


1 Days

Registration Fee

Not InfoCARE Customer - £625pp (plus VAT), InfoCARE Customer - £575pp (plus VAT)

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