After a $1 billion acquisition announcement by Autodesk, Innovyze’s platform and Info360 Insight solution built on AWS are available now for solving water utility problems

2/25/2021 – Portland, OR: Innovyze, the global leader in water infrastructure software, has announced the general availability of its cloud-based, AI-powered platform for real-world water lifecycle management, Combined with Info360 Insight, a data visualization and workflow solution, the first-of-its-kind platform allows the water industry to get ahead of disasters, rapidly increasing demand, and skyrocketing costs. 

As this February has made clear in Texas, there is a dire need for quickly identifying and predicting disruptions in the water treatment and distribution system. Additionally, water utilities are being asked to meet ever-increasing demand while utilizing crumbling infrastructure. 

According to the Value of Water Campaign, in the U.S., 6 billion gallons of drinking water are lost every day through leaky pipes, and a water main breaks every 2 minutes, totalling nearly 238,000 breaks per year. 

“The complex, physical properties of water and massive, underground infrastructure that must be monitored and managed make digitization extremely challenging for water utilities. We’ve combined 35 years of expertise in water management with the power of the cloud to bridge the data and technology gaps that have kept water utilities from truly capitalizing on Digital Twins with our new platform. This is a game-changer in making digital transformation achievable for water utilities of any size,” said Colby Manwaring, Chief Executive Officer at Innovyze. enables utilities to build Dynamic Digital Twins for the first time, empowering them to take advantage of AI-powered virtual models of real-world assets to adapt to changing circumstances. gathers and unifies asset information, connecting live and historic performance data to Innovyze and third-party applications.

This system, built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables this context-aware platform to predict future performance using synchronized computational models — becoming more intelligent as it’s utilized. can recommend best-case actions to maintain the highest levels of service, capacity, and efficiency.

The new Info360 Insight SaaS application unifies water utility data in the cloud, applying sophisticated analytics, modeling, and alerting tools to make operational information more accessible, reliable, predictable, and actionable.  For incident management, the system can check multiple resolution scenarios and apply recommended actions to resolve the failure as quickly as possible — ensuring a higher level of service and reliability.


“Info360 Insight is the first of several SaaS applications we’re delivering for the platform, all offering advantages to utilities like easy onboarding, infinite scalability, and rigorous security out of the box. Better yet, the Info360 platform architecture incorporates cutting-edge technologies like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence tuned specifically for the water lifecycle, allowing utilities of all sizes to stay at the forefront of innovation without the need to maintain complex software or hire hordes of IT experts. As a result, utilities will have the technology foundation they need to deliver the highest possible service at the lowest possible cost,” said Rick Gruenhagen, CTO at Innovyze.

To learn more about Dynamic Digital Twins and see a demonstration of Info360 Insight, join our upcoming webinar presented by Innovyze and AWS, on March 3, hosted by Water Online. Register here.


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