Webinar - How AI Optimises Water Usage and saves OPEX for the Mining Industry

Educational Webinar: A Guide To Artificial Intelligence: Optimising Water Use in the Mining Industry

On Demand Webinar

Hosted on 27th August 2020

Modern mines have not only made the job easier for human workers, but they are also enabling new efficiencies in many different mining operations. One example of this is the efficient use of water enable by Artificial Intelligence.

In this live webinar we will uncover challenges facing the mining industry relating to water costs as it pertains to sourcing, treatment and compliance. Find out how you can solve those challenges by leveraging AI to optimise your water operations.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Key water challenges in mining
  • How AI is helping mining companies reduce their OPEX costs
  • Understanding if your data is up to scratch
  • How to determine if your site qualifies for Artificial Intelligence