Beyond Runoff Reduction - Thorough Green Infrastructure Design

The practice of Runoff Reduction is useful since it is so quick and simple to apply to design. That said, its common uses have shortcomings, chiefly that they create overly coarse facility configurations and ultimately make approval of these systems risky. However, if we include the runoff reduction elements in a treatment train approach, the design remains approachable and quick to assess, while providing clearly reviewable and auditable system details.


This webinar will include a case study that will exhibit how this design scheme allows us to demonstrate, in a quantifiable way, an effective treatment train approach to flow and pollution control. Further, it will show an immediate reduction in design waste by demonstrating the realistic connectivity of these treatment trains and how these can influence site planning and design. As a result of this clear visualization scheme, we are able to mitigate urban runoff and protect the water quality of the receiving waters in a way that is affordable now and in the future.

This study was recently presented at the Mid-Atlantic Stormwater Conference.