EMEA | Understanding Integrated Catchment Modelling

Understanding Integrated Catchment Modelling

On Demand Webinar

Modelling drainage networks or river systems in isolation can give us important insights into how they operate in an idealised situation. However, this approach of “separate” models to represent the different systems makes it nearly impossible to fully represent the combined flood risk because this is rarely how those systems work in the real-world.

An Integrated Catchment Modelling approach with InfoWorks ICM leads to,

  • a deeper understanding of the root cause of any flooding event,
  • development of more effective and efficient design solutions and
  • allows those designs to be tested against all potential sources rather than just those anticipated by the designers.

This webinar will discuss the benefits of modelling the catchment rather than just individual network elements. We will look at some of the advantages of integrating the hydraulic and hydrological models so the dynamic interaction between the systems can be assessed.