On Demand Presentation | Dynamic Digital Twins: Improved service levels and better customer engagement

Utilising Digital Twins to Predict Future Performance & Identify Failures Before they Happen

On Demand Presentation

Watch this on-demand presentation from the recent Global AI & Data Usage Innovation Congress. David Fortune Vice President of Innovation at Innovyze explores how dynamic digital twins predict future performance and identify failures before they happen.

  • How are Digital Twins delivering greater network observability and how can the insights gained by these alert-based systems be harnessed to anticipate failures and implement remedial action?
  • How can you combine real-time data with digital modelling and visualisation to create actionable insights?
  • To what extent can you create an accurate, intelligent real-time simulation that allows you to detect prioritize risks?
  • How can digital twins mitigate disruption to customers and communities and allow companies to respond faster and more effectively to emerging issues?
  • What insights can digital twin technologies bring and how can these be utilised effectively by water companies?
  • What benefits to digital twins offer above and beyond conventional models and how can companies exploit these advantages?