Innovyze On Demand Webinar

Gearing up for DWMPs: a practical approach

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Water companies are expected to show a clear roadmap for the production of Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans (DWMPs) in their AMP7 business plans. Watch this webinar to take a look at how to deliver cost-effective design frameworks and flood management strategies.

From discussing how Innovyze helps water companies and consultants meet the challenges of DWMPs, the live webinar will drill down into specifics of how to make the most of tools within InfoWorks ICM to create catchment models and model flood management strategies in live demonstrations, showing:

  • Inference: how the powerful InfoWorks ICM inference tool automates the process of compensating for missing data items in your model, such as pipe sizes, manhole ground levels and pipe elevations.
  • Area Take off / Thiessen polygons: automatically conduct Area Take-off using the tools in InfoWorks ICM, from identifying the boundary of individual catchments, to reading building areas and roadways directly from ArcGIS data.
  • Creating a flood map in ICM: using the built-in themes in InfoWorks ICM to create stunning outputs showing areas in your model that are at risk of flooding during a storm event.
  • Velocity Arrows: the easy way to add velocity arrows to a flooding theme to show water depth along with direction and speed of flow.