Improving System Operations by Linking SCADAWatch to Continuously Drive Hydraulic Model

SCADAWatch is now Info360.

Yorba Linda Water District (YLWD) uses a GIS-based computer hydraulic model to analyze pump station and well capacities, manage water transfer between pressure zones, track water age, ensure water source redundancies, analyze pipe capacity, ensure adequate system pressures, and verify fire flow requirements throughout the District. Traditionally hydraulic models are calibrated during a master plan every 5-10 years. YLWD refused to settle with 5 year old models and knew there was a better way to keep a model up to date. Static models that sit on a server for 5 years are often not sufficient to give reliable operational information on current system conditions.

YLWD wanted an easier way to update their model and connect it to real time data coming from their SCADA system. YLWD chose SCADAWatch (SW) (now Info360), a software tool that reads information directly from the SCADA Historian database and allows users the ability to create dashboards, graphs, trends, analytics, triggers & alarms, mass balances, and much more in relation to reflecting and analyzing current and historical data in an easy to use web-based graphical format. SW also minimizes the time consuming process of SCADA data acquisition and data manipulation and makes it simple and much more efficient than traditional methods for modeling.

In addition to having more access to the SCADA data, SW directly connects live SCADA information (including boundary conditions, auto-developed diurnal curves, and flow patterns from pumps and control valves) with the hydraulic model. This connection allows YLWD engineers to pick a unique day on the calendar and run the model based on the initial conditions that were recorded in SCADA. YLWD is transforming their model from a static tool for long term planning to a real time, constantly updated model that can provide operational recommendations and current hydraulic, water quality, and energy information that the engineers and operators can trust.

About the Presenter

Anthony Manzano is a professional engineer with over twenty years of experience in water and wastewater engineering in the consulting and public sector and is currently the Senior Project Manager with the Yorba Linda Water District in southern California. He holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Southern California. Mr. Manzano is responsible for supervising staff and managing consultants for planning and design of water and wastewater infrastructure as well as working with Operations to deliver water and assist in facilities administration and maintenance.

Brett Singley worked as a consultant for 8 years performing Master Planning and hydraulic modeling projects throughout the country and also a few projects internationally as a Technical Discipline Lead. Since Joining Innovyze as a Client Service Manager, he has also become a product lead for InfoSWMM Sustain and SCADAWatch. He is passionate about improving workflow processes and using technology to automate the boring parts of an engineer’s job that don’t require critical thinking. Mr. Singley has a BS and MS of Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University.