Innovyze On Demand Webinar

Keeping your eye on the prize – enriching asset data with CCTV inspections

While many organisations employ CCTV footage as part of their asset management operations, it is often spread across various sources. When you consider that these libraries of footage often contain in excess of thousands of files (in various file formats), the inability to leverage them effectively and efficiently are insurmountable.

In a climate where financial resources are dwindling and with mounting pressures on the industry to innovate, it is important to understand how CCTV inspections can be used in a way that ultimately improves decision making to facilitate the best operational and financial outcomes throughout the asset lifecycle.

In this webinar, Innovyze’s asset management experts will:

  • Provide an overview of the key challenges associated with CCTV inspections
  • Highlight the added value and benefits of CCTV inspection enriched data to leverage smarter decision marking throughout the asset life cycle
  • Demonstrate how, through the use of a single, all-encompassing asset management solution, CCTV inspections can be utilised efficiently and effectively