On Demand | AI Enabled Utilities Across the Entire Water Cycle

On Demand Presentation

Now more than ever, there is a critical need for accurate and informative data to help combat the burdens of climate change, pressures of regulatory frameworks, market resistance to rate increases, and the ever-evolving replacement of experienced workers.

With the rise of technology and access to information, determining how best to prioritize our energy has become even more essential. 

This Water Talk discusses how AI and Machine Learning solutions evaluate multiple variables impacting desired outcomes, ultimately analyzing potential outcomes to meet objectives.

We’ve covered how AI systems are interconnected in creating an Operations Performance System AI Model to help meet organizations' sustainability goals, aid in emergency planning, and improve how & when to execute capital improvement projects effectively.

We've also discussed operational cases in raw water transmission, treatment, distribution, collection, and wastewater, how it relates to planning, engineering, and financing within an organization. And ultimately, how AI process models help us manage utilities top-down!