Innovyze's Solutions in Action, Presented by Your Peers

While so much in the past two years has changed and challenged the way we work and interact with technology, the reality that water infrastructure work does not stop has remained unchanged.

This special Water Talks year-end event to learn from three guest presenters featuring Innovyze’s solutions in action. Our diverse presenters will include Seattle Public Utilities, HDR’s Omaha branch, and the University of Oklahoma to discuss various water infrastructure topics and solutions. Innovyze CEO Colby Manwaring will also provide opening remarks as we look back at the year and what’s to come with Innovyze as a part of Autodesk in 2022.

Introduction from Colby Manwaring, Innovyze




One Doesn't Just Walk into a Proactive Rehabilitation Program: SPU's Strategic Quest

Presented by: Seattle Public Utilities

This presentation walks through SPU's work to develop and secure funding for a long-term rehabilitation plan for its aging sewer system. This planning effort was not a single event but a concerted effort through a series of strategic projects over four years, with each strategy building on one another. Participants will learn about SPU's strategies for pipe inspection, condition evaluation, risk assessment, capital investment, and implementation planning. Particular focus will be on key aspects of the process, such as incorporating service equity, increasing efficiencies, securing staffing for implementation, and preparing for adaptive management. This presentation will leave participants with a roadmap for moving from a reactive to a proactive rehabilitation program.


Evaluation of Low Impact Development Stormwater Control Systems for Peak Flow Reduction

Presented by: University of Oklahoma

This presentation presents a master's thesis research study regarding how to implement LID techniques such as bioretention cells for the Sunnymeade neighborhood in Oklahoma City, and the Pearl District neighborhood in Tulsa. These two sites provide an opportunity to explore the potential of LID for peak flow reduction and total pollutant load reduction for pollutants of interest such as Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Phosphorus (TP) and Total Nitrogen (TN) using the InfoDrainage stormwater model.


Omaha MUD's Digital Transformation Using InfoWater Pro

Presented by: HDR

This presentation will discuss how HDR helped the Omaha Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) prepare its GIS database, which was developed from legacy MicroStation files, for incorporation into an InfoWater Pro hydraulic model. Using Innovyze’s GIS Gateway, an “all pipes” model was developed, tested, and calibrated. Data challenges, calibration challenges, and lessons learned will be discussed as well as MUD’s planned next steps on the continued maintenance and use of its hydraulic model.


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