ICM + Civil3D in InfoDrainage

This edition of Water Talks on April 20, we welcomed Innovyze Product Manager, Jessica Jeffreys, to discuss InfoDrainage.

Drainage design is conceptually a straight-forward process. Water flows downhill, you ensure your pipes handle your design storm and you mitigate the peak flow, right? 

How do you know your design is efficient? Is there a quicker way to size my pipes, BMPs, LIDs, and get my design on a set of plans ready to stamp? 

In this video we'll learn how to streamline the processes starting from scratch to designed plans, and creating reports within a half hour! After watching this webinar, you'll have the assurance of a great design by utilizing the validation and auditing tools.  

As a bonus, we discuss the integration with InfoWorks ICM so that you know how your newly designed drainage system will fit within your existing watershed model.