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Sewer Infiltration to Asset Rehabilitation – An End-to-End Roadmap for Action

Americas On-Demand Webinar

Inflow and infiltration (I/I) is costly for cities – affecting both social and financial capital. If you can’t find and resolve I/I quickly, your city is at risk of environmentally hazardous sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), fines, and accelerated asset deterioration. Uncontrollable I/I will jeopardize economic and residential development. Now is the time to stop playing catch-up to never ending I/I problems. To stay ahead of I/I, you must proactively develop an end-to-end improvement plan.

Join Electro Scan and Innovyze as we share how cutting-edge sewer inspection technology can inform prioritized capital improvement plans.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How sewer pipes are inspected using Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) technology
  • How FELL and CCTV can work together
  • How to leverage inspection data in InfoAsset Planner to minimize and eliminate infiltration
  • How customizable Decision Trees can help you develop a prioritized asset renewal plan
  • What comes next?

You’ll leave being empowered to improve inspection data integrity, deliver high-confidence renewal plans, and allocate targeted capital investments to reduce I/I, asset failure, and the risk of compliance penalties.

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