Operate on Another Level: Leveraging IoT and SCADA to Improve Water & Sewer Operations

Water utilities face complex operational challenges every day managing distribution and collection networks. Field and office staff must quickly address pressure and water quality complaints, chlorine residual and nitrification problems, water hammer events that lead to pipe breaks and affect pump performance, SSO/CSO events that impact customer property and receiving waters, and critical operating conditions during rehab & repair maintenance activities - all requiring a coordinated effort of staff and real-time information.

With the plethora of field telemetry/IoT devices now commercially available in the market, how do operators and engineers leverage this new and dynamic source of information along with SCADA to solve these problems? In this webinar, we will examine this new age of real-time data fusion using: IoT, SCADA, GIS, and hydraulic model results that can empower engineers and operators to quickly monitor, analyze, respond, and optimize their water and wastewater networks.

Presented by:
Brett Singley, PE and Paul West, PE (Smart Water Services, LLC)