Solving Gutter Spread and Inlet Capacity – What They Are, Why They Happen, and Making it Easy to Get Right

As engineers, we use the tools at our disposal to forecast road inundation due to runoff, and how well storm inlets will work. Getting the job done right is important, even if it may seem like an afterthought on some projects. Aged excel files, manual calculations or a simple calculator utility may provide an educated guess -- but are they the most effective tools we can use? Usually, we only consider ‘simple’ runoff events when assessing these systems. But in reality, flow paths are not always simple – so we need to get the whole picture and get it right.

In this webinar, we will discuss what Gutter Spread and Inlet Capacity are, why they occur, and how to get the best handle on what will actually happen when it rains. Join Innovyze’s Zach Sample, PE, to learn how HEC22 input and dynamic simulation results can be used to assess inlet performance and the resulting roadway gutter spread in the newest version of XPDrainage (now InfoDrainage).

Presented by:
Zach Sample, PE