Water Distribution Asset Inventory: A Comprehensive Asset Management Approach for Valves & Hydrants

In this presentation, Wachs Water Service and Innovyze will share the proactive steps taken by some utilities to kick start their renewal program by teaming with experts in distribution system asset assessment and inventory. These programs produce immediate results by identifying gaps in system information and begin the important process of documenting assets throughout the distribution system and improving operational intelligence. While this program is a “kick-start” and delivers meaningful and real results, the result is to install processes resulting in predictable and dependable system performance resulting in a well-defined program capable of being sustained by the Utility.

Additionally, this presentation will provide specific examples of problems and surprises discovered in the process and how these situations were resolved. We will also share in detail the results and status of example renewal programs including:

  1. Program objectives,
  2. Findings,
  3. Comparisons with other major water systems, and
  4. Examples of best practices
  5. Join us and discover how to initiate a distribution system asset inventory program that reduces the consequences of failures and improves system reliability.

About the Presenters

Brad Gresham, a graduate of Emory University, is the South Region Business Development Director for Wachs Water Services. Before joining Wachs Water Services, Brad served as the Director for Coweta County Water and Sewerage Authority, Municipal Sales for HD Supply and Delta Municipal Supply as well as Water Systems Specialist for Utility Service Group. Brad has worked in the water industry for 15+ years and has participated in conference presentations and technical sessions throughout the United States focusing primarily in the southeast region.

Keith Hodsden, P.E. has over 20 years of diverse experience in water distribution, sanitary sewer, and environmental engineering with a specific focus in computer-based modeling applications. He received a BS in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, and is a registered professional engineer. Mr. Hodsden is directly responsible for sales, marketing, technical support and client service for Innovyze's Southeast Region. In addition to his full-time position with Innovyze, he also serves as a Civil Engineering Officer in the Vermont Air National Guard.