Water Talks

Webinar: How asset management improves efficiency and reduces costs

10 September | 10:30 BST 

This webinar is for India, Middle Eastern and North African water companies and consultants to understand how a data and asset management solution can transform your confidence in your Asset Data for your design and operational modelling tasks.

Join us to learn how the world-leading InfoAsset solutions can optimise your seamless connection between your historical data, your latest data from the field and your hydraulic modelling software - improving efficiency and reducing costs.

  • The Asset Twin:  how it forms part of the Digital Twin when combined with the Operational Twin
  • Infrastructure – Inspection Surveys – Incidents – Interventions & Remediations – Investments – Inhabitants & Investors
  • Quality Field Data Capture & Ensuring Data Quality.
  • Rehabilitation Strategies - From Asset Mapping & Condition Assessment to Rehab Prioritisation